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Redefining Influence for Brands and Elite Experts

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Our Luxury Influencer Model sets you up for success from the very beginning by adopting a highly sophisticated luxury business blueprint, developed by world-renowned strategist Kathryn Porritt. Not only will you become the most elite expert and leading authority in your niche, but you’ll also experience phenomenal financial success as you begin landing highly lucrative commercial opportunities. Our agency shows you how to leverage your unique expertise to create your own multi-million-dollar personal brand, giving you the financial freedom that only truly elite entrepreneurs ever experience.

& Speaker

Luxury Influencers is the go-to agency for publicity and speaker representation for top-tier authorities and thought-leaders. We obtain incredible media coverage and speaking opportunities from around the world for every single one of our elite experts. By targeting niche-specific publications and securing speaking opportunities at the world’s most exclusive events, we position our clients to skyrocket to the very top of their niches.

When you partner with our agency, our dedicated team will support you through your transition from ‘expert’ to ‘luxury influencer’ by expanding your reach globally, attracting an eager global audience, and branding you as the leading authority in your field of expertise. This approach has a tremendous impact on your personal brand, enabling you to commercialise your mastery and charge an ultra-premium price.

& Campaigns

Luxury Influencers is the leading agency for premium brands who demand maximum return-on-investment from their influencer marketing. We connect these world-class brands with our elite experts so they can reach their ideal target audiences in authentic and wildly effective new ways. Our Luxury Influencers are deeply connected to their audiences and highly influential amongst their followers, so all brands who forge partnerships with them access a truly meaningful way to reach their ultimate clients. When a product is ‘endorsed’ by someone consumers worship and trust, that generates incredible results from a strategic marketing spend.

Not only does our agency negotiate brand endorsements and alliances, we also connect brands with elite experts who can fulfil board appointments, advisory panel positions, or consultant roles. Our fleet of thought-leaders, geniuses, and authorities can offer searing insights to any committee or board.

When your brand partners with Luxury Influencers, we’ll give you access to some of the world’s most brilliant minds; masterful thinkers and creators who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to take your venture to the next level.

Redefining Luxury Influencers

Luxury Influencers are NOT the same as Instagram queens or socialites. They are leading authorities and industry disruptors who command the attention and admiration of elite audience, giving them unparalleled influence amongst a small but deeply engaged audience.

As influencer marketing has increased in popularity amongst the world’s biggest brands, truly beloved tastemakers and authorities have become a highly sought-after commodity. Prestigious global brands are willing to pay an absolute premium to work with authentic influencers to reach their desired audiences.

Our fleet of Luxury Influencers sits at the cutting edge of influencer marketing due to their strategic brand positioning: rather than appealing to many and converting only a few, they appeal to a smaller segment of highly engaged followers. This affords them a high level of influence and trust within their niche.

Mainstream influencer marketing is yielding little to no return on investment, so brands now seek Luxury Influencers to reach their audiences. If you want more opportunity, more impact, and more visibility, now is the perfect time to monetise your influence and redefine yourself as the Luxury Influencer at the top of your niche.


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Redefining Influence for Brands and Elite Experts

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