Discover what it takes to be an ICON, how to evolve from premium to luxury and how to leverage your own brilliance to become an iconic leader in your space.

Creating the Narrative - Becoming the Icon of Your Luxury Brand

Congratulations! You’ve decided to create a luxury business model for your personal brand. This is where the rubber meets the road, but…

How are you going to build your personal brand? That is, what is the one thing you can leverage and take advantage of?

You’re going to leverage your own brilliance and become the icon of your own brand!

Your name will be up in lights and it’ll be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the brand. And the brand needs to carry some weight so you can really serve at the premium level.

When you achieve that, your message will become iconic and legendary.

But what does being an icon mean?

It’s Time to Build Your Legend

Making you the icon of your brand is probably one of the most fun things to do. But it also requires you to really think in an elevated way.

What do I mean by that?

I’d like to give you some context to fully understand the idea.

If you’ve been the CEO of a typical mainstream company, even a premium one, you probably haven’t held yourself up as an icon before.

Now, the vast difference between the mainstream and premium models when compared to a luxury model is that there’s an iconic person at the helm of the luxury model.

The icon carries a legend, a history, and a narrative built into the brand.

And it’s not just a narrative that talks about your story. Not is it the story brand concept that a lot of people talk about.

Building your legend goes much deeper…

If you think about some of the personal brands that have served at this level, they’ve created a legacy that goes on for many, many generations.

I talk about CHANEL a lot because it’s such an iconic luxury brand. And who is the icon that started it all?

Coco Chanel, of course.

The Perfect Example - Coco Chanel

The moment you hear people say CHANEL, you instantly link it to the myth and legend.

Yes, Coco was the designer at the start. It’s a role she continued to serve for some time. But there was also this very deliberate strategy of holding her as an icon.

Effectively, they were creating the myth and the legend of Coco Chanel, thus creating the myth and the legend of the brand.

And when she changed her name, there’s a legendary narrative that came along with her. These proved to be the perfect basis for building the icon all of us recognize.

To this day, CHANEL as a brand takes advantage of that icon.

If you go on the CHANEL website, you can access the company’s archives and see the legend behind the brand. You’ll see images of Coco’s studio and the apartment where she lived all her life.

These glimpses into the life of an icon are all part of the myth and legend. And the fact that she’s such an icon has pulled through to the brand.

So, when you buy into the CHANEL brand, you’re also buying into the myth and the legend of Coco Chanel.

And I don’t think anyone who is a fan of the brand would have arguments against that.

There are many similar examples of other iconic luxury brands. In real life, these brands manifest in the same way…

There’s a narrative that supports the legend and pushes the person to the iconic status.

I’m sure you can tap into your own narrative and start building your legend as a pillar of your luxury brand.

What Do You Need to Do To Be An Icon?

You need to build the narrative, gate yourself off, and continuously innovate.

After all, an icon is a pioneer…

A Maverick…

Someone who sets an example for everybody else to follow, admire, and look up to.

But now, I’d like you to take a step back and consider this from your perspective.

The idea is to take the myth or legend surrounding you, the icon, and develop a narrative around it. Build it into your branding and storytelling.

Moreover, I want you to build the myth into your brand architecture. This means making the tale present in every aspect of your business model and branding.

And you need to make that mythical narrative integral to the way you go to market.

But when you’re working at the luxury level, you shouldn’t be delivering to most of your audience. Instead, you need to be held so far up in the sky that you are inaccessible to the vast majority of your audience.

That’s what being a true icon is all about.

And it’s also critical to not forget your status as an icon as you’re developing your product and offers.

That’s why when you’re working with your marketing company or your team, you need to be continuously thinking about this question: How do I operate as an icon?

I’d like to tell you about a client of mine who operates at that level.

She is absolutely an icon and does an outstanding job of doing this intuitively.

This client of mine gates herself off. She works on the concept that she’s there as the creator and the innovator, that’s why she’s never looking backward. And she’s never teaching, either.

Rather, she always has her eye on artistry and how to innovate further. She keeps coming up with creative ways to pioneer her brand.

And she’s not afraid to stick further into the artistic realm and create something even more exquisite and even more beautiful for her audience.

But how does that manifest in her organizational structure?

She’s focused on writing to pull that thread of creating something like a religion. In other words, her efforts concentrate on building the message around the icon, which then shapes the brand.

That’s how she’s able to write the scriptures, speak at events, and be the media spokesperson

More importantly, she becomes the person who is iconic.

Below her are the evangelists.

These people are like her priests and bishops – those who are able to take her message and teach it to the vast majority.

Evolve Into an Icon

Are you ready to reach a mythical status?

I’m confident you can do it.

But you need to be at a level where you’re completely gated off.

You can host very exclusive invite-only events or work with only a handful of private hand-selected clients. But you have to make yourself inaccessible to the rest so you can have the freedom to innovate.

The further you develop the narrative, the legend, and the historical context, the more you build your status as the iconic leader of your tribe, your team, your disciples, and your clients.

How this manifests for you may be different from everyone else. But the principle is the same…

You’re developing the story and history that builds into your brand and helps you reach terrific heights.

Maybe you need some help using the fairy dust to reach the stars.

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