Building Your Personal Brand in 3, 2, 1…

To sell luxury level offers you need a luxury level Personal Brand. Here are the 3 core elements to building a Personal Brand worthy of the luxury market.

The Three Elements to Focus on When Building Your Personal Brand

You are the best in the world in your niche. You’re the expert who dreams big and creates even bigger. But to start your revolution, you must first develop your personal brand.

What is the core philosophy you want to be known for?

The answer to this question is one of the keys to building a strong personal brand. To show you what I mean, let’s look at the story of the legendary Brené Brown.

If you’re in the personal development space, you’ve seen an extraordinary paradigm shift over the last decade.

You’ve seen leadership philosophy move from the transactional to the transformational.

And most importantly, you’ve seen a shift towards accepting our vulnerabilities and using them to empower ourselves.

This shift is the result of her work.

Once upon a time, Brown was an academic based in Texas. For years, she researched leadership and vulnerability and discovered that the leaders who are truly vulnerable also achieve the best outcomes.

She found that being vulnerable allows people to unlock their authenticity. To speak in their true voice.

Eventually, she decided to share these insights in a TED Talk.

In the space of 20 minutes, she unveiled the true power of vulnerability and built a brand that led to her becoming the leader of an entire movement.

Brown is now the go-to person on the subject of vulnerability.

And that’s where you want to be, too.

As the best in the world in your niche, you must establish your personal brand. You must put yourself out there as the Maverick who thinks and acts differently from everybody else.


It starts when you master the elements of personal branding.

Element #1 – Create Your Core Philosophies

At the premium and luxury levels, people buy the brand first and the product second. 

So, the first thing you’re going to do to establish your personal brand is to develop your core philosophies. What do you stand for that sets you apart from everybody else?

This is where you take a step back from the questions we typically ask when launching a business. 

Remember, you’re not looking at how to create your offer or how to get your ideas into the marketplace. 

Instead, you’re going to look at what defines you.

You’re humanizing yourself here…  

You’re creating the legend and the icon of you… 

So, stop leading with the idea that logistics and practicality lead everything in your business. They’re important things, but they’re not the first things you think about. 

Before you can launch everything, you have to know what you stand for.

What are your philosophies?

How do those philosophies permeate what you do?

Write a list, create a vision board and do whatever you have to do to create clarity around your core philosophies. They will form the backbone of the message you put out into the world and they’ll inform the offer you make and how you enter the market.

Element #2 – Develop Your Brand Narrative

You have your core philosophies.

Now, it’s time to build a narrative around what you believe in.

You need to think about how the story, the myth, around your philosophies manifests in your personal brand. 

Think back to Brené Brown.

Ask yourself why vulnerability matters to her. 

How did she come to land on this one thing as the most important thing in the world? Why would she stand on the edge and advocate that belief?

And why does she care so much about vulnerability?

This question of “why” is the critical one to answer at this stage. 

If you think about all of the world’s luxury brands, you can see that they have their own stories or mythologies. Whether it’s Coco Chanel, Porsche, or Rolex, there’s always a legend attached to these premium products.

So, you’re creating the legend of you!

Perhaps that sounds difficult. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as much of a writer.

That’s okay.

The story is all in your head – you own it and it’s a part of you. If you struggle to get it down on paper, hire somebody who can do it for you. 

Bring an expert copywriter on board and talk to them about why your niche means so much to you. Allow them to mold the story in your head into something that the world can read, understand, and connect to.

Connect the copy to great visuals and mesh it all together into an extraordinary myth about you.

Remember that your people care about the story first and the product second. If they don’t connect with the “why” behind your business, they’re not going to connect with the service you offer.

Element #3 – Understand How to Position Yourself

I briefly mentioned visuals when talking about the previous element. Let’s jump into that in more detail because it’s your visuals that bring your story and core philosophies to life. 

It’s here where you start looking at your personal style, your colors, and how you showcase yourself visually to your people.

This is about building the temple that your people will worship at.

How you do this depends on the market you’re aiming for.

At the premium level, this element is about understanding your ideal client and who you want to work with. How are you going to take these people on an incredible journey from where they are now to the outcome they’re dreaming about?

But at the luxury level, the target market isn’t an issue because you’re not positioning yourself against others. You’re not looking at the competition or thinking about how you can differentiate yourself.

You’re in full pioneer Maverick mode and you’re creating a completely new way of doing something.

I’m going to assume you’re working at the premium level for a moment.

If that’s the case, there are two things you need to work on here:

  1. Work out what you’re number one in the world at. This is the one thing you can do better than anybody else in your marketplace. It’s this thing that’s going to set you apart from your competitors and form the foundation of your market position. Celebrate yourself and acknowledge the magic you bring to your clients. Have the courage to own it and bring it to the fore in your brand.
  2. Define who your ideal client is. This is the person who turns up in front of you with $100,000 in their hand and a deep passion for the transformation you create. Maybe it’s a celebrity or somebody you admire. This doesn’t have to be a real person right now. I just want you to understand what this person’s motivations are and why they’d come to you for help.

Bring these two things together and you have the basis of your market position. You know what you’re the best at and you know who wants the magic you have to offer.


Build Your Brand

What is your personal brand?

It’s you packaged up and put out there for the world to see. 

Your personal brand is the core philosophies that underpin everything you do in business. It’s the story behind why you’ve chosen your niche and what drives you to be as passionate as you about the transformation you create.

Your personal brand is your position at the top of a marketplace filled with people who don’t dream as big as you do.

It’s time to create your personal brand.

These three elements will help, but you may need a guiding hand to show you what’s really possible for your business. Schedule your $100k Offer Appraisal Call today and start dreaming bigger.

Leverage Your Expertise

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