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My first $100k offer came so easily, I couldn’t believe it!


I came across Kathryn because I was going through Facebook searching for people I wanted to work with. Business Bravery popped up and I thought, “Oh wow, this chick’s on fire!” But I wasn’t brave enough to reach out to her for about five months. 

At the time, I was already running a multiple six-figure business and selling at a premium level, though I was hovering more around the $30K mark for individual clients. Yet I found myself thinking,

“Damn I need to work with Kathryn. She’s clearly my next step.”

I sat there watching other people’s testimonies, poring over every case study she had … and then when I finally got on a call with her I was SO ready to go. 

My life’s work is serving my community and teaching people how to access this amazing spiritual experience that we all have available, so I knew if I wanted to be taken seriously in my industry at the luxury level, I needed to up my game. Kathryn made that possible for me. And I mean I sold my first premium offer at $55,000 within a few days, and six months into the program I got my first $100k client. The mindset piece was so massive because I just didn’t think anyone would pay me that much … but that first $100k offer came so easily, I couldn’t believe it! 

Business Bravery has done their part but I’ve also had to do mine. If you’re lazy and don’t do the work, this path won’t work for you. But if you’re the right type of person, and you have that commitment, vision, mission, and drive, Kathryn and her team will 100% transform your business.

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