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Five Days After I Created It, I Sold My First $120K Offer!


I have been working as an Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Coach for more than 25 years, focusing on supporting spiritual warriors known as Indigos. In my home country of Sweden I founded the House of Sovereignty, where I change lives through expanding and strengthening my community of spiritual rebels. I have a reputation for getting results that last a lifetime.

For many years I was offering individual spiritual coaching and energy training programs with private clients and a few classes. I adored my work, but I knew I was undercharging. I had a package for $10K that covered TWO YEARS of intensive work with me.

When I found out about Kathryn’s Luxury Influencer strategies, I decided to try them out. I changed my positioning and my pricing structure to $15K for just two months of work … and people were more than happy to pay! Then I began working with Kathryn and her team, and not only did they help me create and sell my first $120K offer, they did it in a way that felt fully authentic.

I’ve always had a big vision for changing the world because I know my work as an energy healer can make a difference.

And when I met Kathryn, I thought, “This is someone who actually understands me. She will let me be who I am, and help me create this amazing world around me.”

And I was right. She and her team never tried to fit me into a box. They held the space for me to do everything I wanted to do—including serve several markets at the global level—when everyone else told me to cut back and fit into a certain frame. I felt completely understood and supported.

Now I’ve gotten amazing international press for my work, and I’m finally getting paid what I’m worth. I’m incredibly excited because I know that this is just the beginning.

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