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I sold my first $22K offer, and it was the easiest sale of my life!


I work with clients to achieve a completely transformational experience in one call. In my world, it’s instant. That’s why people come to me. After decades of therapy, I can change their lives after a single call.

And I thought I was already in the high-ticket space when I saw Kathryn’s ad. I was charging $15K for three months, but after hearing her I realized I could be getting so much more. I dove in and spent about 48 hours straight binge watching all of her videos, and they just resonated. The top-down model that reverses mainstream marketing especially. I thought, “Finally, somebody is saying exactly what I’ve been thinking for a very long time!”

Just after I joined the Iconic Personal Branding group, I sold my first $22K offer, and it was the easiest sale of my life. It’s just gotten easier from there.

So much so because I’m around the right people; people who weren’t apologetic about wanting to do the unthinkable and impossible. That’s powerful, being around that energy. Being in Kathryn’s groups taught me that it’s about embodying and showing up as the icon, and not being sorry. I learned to really own my own gifts, and get clear on what I know I can do … and then I realized that by investing in myself I had become the type of person I’m attracting. Taking that step up within myself made a huge difference, and everything else was a beautiful ripple effect from there.

I haven’t had to get on the phone with any prospective clients since I started working with Kathryn. They’re already a “yes” when they come into my world. Never in my life have I felt so sure of myself.

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