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As a transformational coach, my inspiration is to get people to exactly where they think they get to be in and beyond. I teach radically awesome people to access the part of themselves that can change anything in an instant. But strangely, when it came to opportunities and sales, I was only creating great results intermittently.

When I showed up fully, I generated like crazy: people, connections, opportunities, consultations. But it was inconsistent because I just wasn’t seeing anyone else like me out there in the world. So I realized I needed to hold myself accountable, but through the eyes of someone else. I wouldn’t show up for myself when no one was watching. Which meant my sales were inconsistent, I’d run into opportunities here and there, but I was still seeking some structure. And I didn’t realize what I was missing until I found it.

Working with Kathryn showed me my reflection of what I already knew myself to be.

While being in the container with Kathryn and everyone else, I realized that consistency comes from your own deliberate vision of who you’d like to work with and why. And also taking your genius and delivering it in a very intentional, strategic way. I was looking for someone to model what I was after so that I could see it and be it, and Kathryn became that person for me. Along with the powerful, beautiful, generous humans in the Iconic Personal Branding group.

This work has completely transformed how I approach everything I do, and it shows. I show up as myself, completely, and the opportunities just follow. Just 7 minutes after I completed a recent talk, I had 17 people book on my calendar immediately. An hour and a half later, I had 35 bookings, and there were only 57 people live in the room!

Kathryn’s Iconic Personal Branding group has been the most joyful, connected, supportive container ever. We’re all headed somewhere great individually and so there’s no competition. We’re all very supportive of each other, we’ve all created meaningful connections … we’re all rising together, and we know that.

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