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The mainstream is too small for your brilliance. Master these 4 components to step out of the mainstream and into your power as a Luxury Influencer. ​

From Mainstream Success to Luxury Influencer – The Four Components to Master

You’re worth so much more than the mainstream level. You have the potential to enter the luxury space and receive what you deserve for the value you bring.

Luxury influencers are the Mavericks in their spaces. 

They’re the experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners who get extraordinary outcomes for their clients in ways that others can’t even dream of.

But more importantly, they’re willing to take action.

That’s why you will never find a luxury influencer who is a procrastinator. They’re not the people who are going to wait around to make something absolutely perfect before they get it to market. 

They’re big…

They’re bold…

And they’re willing to take impactful action to create their legacy.

Maybe that all sounds a little intimidating?

It shouldn’t.

You have everything it takes to be a luxury influencer. You’re the Maverick who can escape the mainstream and make your dreams, and your clients’ dreams, a reality.

But I’m not going to pretend that moving from mainstream to luxury influencer is an easy thing to do.

Because to make it happen, there are four components you must master.

Component #1 – Know That You Are the Best in the World

This may be the very first time that somebody has told you that you’re the best in the world.

Does it feel uncomfortable to hear it?

I get it.

Acknowledging that you’re the best in the world feels arrogant. 

For some, it makes them feel like they’re diminishing what others do to elevate themselves. And for others, saying this brings up issues with their confidence and self-belief.

But here’s the truth…

Arrogance is welcome in the Business Bravery world.

A true and honest understanding of your genius is a requirement if you are to enter the luxury space.

Sit with that for a moment. 

Let the knowledge that you are the best in the world sink in and accept it.

Recognize that you’re an elite expert so that you can behave like how the elite behave. 


When you struggle to tell people you’re the best in the world, you’re dumbing yourself down to fit into somebody else’s box. You’re dulling your shine to push yourself into the high-ticket or mainstream boxes that other people expect you to fit into.

That isn’t what luxury influencers do.

Warren Buffett says that he always knew he was going to be rich. The brilliant comedian Rebel Wilson knew even as a young child that she was going to be successful. Even Romelu Lukaku, the football player, says he knew that he’d one day get to the English Premier League and score 100 goals.

People who reach the top of their fields recognize that they’re the best in the world.

So, permit yourself to step into your brilliance.

Accept your genius as the thing that separates you from the mainstream and remind yourself of your value.

Component #2 – Create Your Magical World

The place where you get to say anything you want to whom you want to say it in the way you want to say it, that is your magical world.

And this is where you get to be incredibly creative. 

Because in creating your magical world, you’re building a container for you and your people. 

Think of this as your temple. It’s a place where you can all gather to rejoice in you and your message.

Your magical world is also where you get to dream big. You get to spend as much as you possibly can, be that financially or energetically, to create a gorgeous experience for the people who will eventually become your superfans.

These are the people who will work with you at the highest level.

They’ll evangelize for you and share your magic with the rest of the world.

In creating your magical world, I also want you to think about the kind of artistry you need to create. 

If you’re struggling to imagine what your container looks like, take yourself to a Tiffany’s store or a Bugatti showroom. Absorb the experiences these places give you.

They feel magical… 

They feel completely different from anything else in the world… 

Walking into a Bugatti showroom is worlds away from walking into a Ford Dealership. The lighting’s exquisite, as is the audio. The showroom has a beautiful ambiance and the salespeople are incredible.

That’s why when you walk out, you physically feel like you’re leaving a magical world behind and coming back down to Earth.

That’s the experience that luxury influencers create for their clients.

Component #3 – Lead a Revolution

This is where you create your big stance.

And it’s here where you may start to feel uncomfortable. 

But that’s part of being a luxury influencer.

You have a big opinion and it’s inevitably going to go against the grain of what’s in the mainstream. You’re putting yourself out there, the true authentic you, and making a statement.

That doesn’t mean you have to be controversial for controversy’s sake.

But it does mean you’re going to stand for something different.

Brené Brown gives us a perfect example of this.

Nobody wanted to admit they felt vulnerable 10 or 15 years ago. No one wanted to be authentic. These concepts weren’t even on the radar for coaches, influencers, and CEOs. I’d even say they were the antithesis of what we were told to be.

We needed to be stoic…

Confident in our suits…

But we couldn’t be vulnerable.

Brown changed all of that.

She shifted the paradigm and created a revolution when she started talking about authenticity and vulnerability in the workplace. She had an enormous statement to make and she put her stake into the ground to make it.

This is what a luxury influencer does.

They change what we’ve always known and show no fear as they introduce disruptive ideas into the world.

Component #4 – Follow the Laws of Luxury

You’re not mainstream.

If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

And the fact that you’re not mainstream means that you’ve got to break the rules of business as we’re taught in traditional settings. 

Instead, you must follow a model that allows you to commercialize your influence at the highest level.

You must follow the laws of luxury.

There are many of these laws that I could share with you…

But it all starts with the understanding that you’re going to work from the top down.

That’s not how most people do it. We’re taught that we need to grab the low-hanging fruit with our low-ticket offers first. 

The mainstream model relies on us working with as many people as possible so we can build authority and place ourselves in a position to ask for more.

That’s not what you’re going to do.

Luxury influencers focus on the elite first and then work down. 

Take Coco Chanel as an example.

She didn’t start by selling clothes with basic retailers. Instead, she created a unique boutique fashion house in the heart of Paris and created custom designs for the highest end of her market.

She set the tone.

She created trends.

Chanel started at the top and she stayed there.

This is the most important law of luxury as it ensures you start as you mean to go on, rather than placing yourself in a mainstream model that you then need to escape from.

You’re More Than Mainstream

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the mainstream model. If that’s where you feel most comfortable, then pursue that model to your heart’s content. 

But I don’t believe that’s where you want to be.

You dream big and offer value that nobody else in the world can match. You’re the best at what you do and you have the potential to create a magical world for yourself and your clients. 

Now, you’re ready to lead a revolution and create the luxury business that allows you to have the impact you’ve always known you could have.

And I want to help you.

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