There are two vital keys to becoming an icon in your space- being an innovating pioneer and having the courage of your convictions. Let's explore the magic!

Two Keys to Building a Luxury Brand - Innovating and Advocating Beliefs

You are on top of your game and ready to take your business to the next level. But deep down, you’re still having second thoughts about whether to venture out into the luxury space.

When it comes to building your luxury brand, let me tell you one thing…

There’s nothing to be scared about!

I know that you’re the best at what you do. Soon, you’ll become the icon who has the power to create a luxury brand that will leave a mark on generations to come.

Yes, attracting clients at the very top level can be tricky. But this is true regardless of the demographics you’re targeting.

So, I want to help you silence your fears and take the plunge.

If you allow fears to run the game, your magic won’t shine through. And you need that magic to create an extraordinary brand.

Understanding the keys to building a luxury brand will help support your magic. And this article explores two of the most important.

Becoming the Innovator

I’m sure you want to become an icon and create a legendary brand.

So, you need to become a pioneer.


When developing your personal brand, one of the most important things you need to do is to give yourself space to innovate and become an artist.

This is the time to be free…

To truly let your talents come to life…

But innovation and artistry also tie with the constant growth that keeps your luxury brand alive.

As the icon at the helm of a luxury brand, you’re the trendsetter. You’re positioning yourself above all other business models, and everybody else will follow the trend you set.

The goal is to create something entirely new within your niche. And it should be like a completely new paradigm.

To stress, you’re not shifting existing paradigms.

Instead, you’re creating something new.

A new religion…

A new way of being…

And a new way of making things…

You’re creating an entirely new thought process.

So, it’s critical to give yourself flexibility and time in the organizational structure you’ll develop for yourself. Focus on the artistry and innovation you need to really grow.

To achieve this, I want you to be the Pied Piper. I never want you to be looking sideways or backwards. Instead, I want you to be continually looking forward.


Again, it’s because you’re trendsetting and pioneering.
…And that may come with a specific challenge.

Since you’re the icon, people are going to copy you. And that’s perfectly fine and not something you should worry about. The fact that someone’s copying you is a sign you’ve become a trendsetter.

Yes, there could be problems with licensing, copyrighting, and all those things. But for the moment, I don’t want you to focus on that.

Rather, focus on constant innovation, iteration, and growth.

Also, you should concentrate on becoming more creative. Keep coming up with innovative ways to add more artistry to the message that reaches your exclusive audience.

Because, to me, that’s what building a legendary brand is all about.

Take CHANEL No.5 as an example. It’s the iconic product of CHANEL’s suite of products.

The bottle is continuously being iterated as CHANEL’s designers find creative ways to keep it outstanding.

But the scent itself never changes. It remains the same iconic fragrance that sparks the magic associated with the brand.

There are plenty of other examples, but the principle is the same:

Continuous innovation and creativity allow you to become one who sets the direction for everybody else.

Keep innovating to stay on top.

Advocating Your Beliefs

All successful luxury brands really have conviction in their message and positioning. But more importantly, they aren’t afraid to take a stand, as uncomfortable as it might be.

You need to do the same.


Remember, you’re the trendsetter. As such, you may end up talking about concepts or ideas that have never been explored before. That could be very uncomfortable for you and your audience.

Nevertheless, you need to have absolute courage in your convictions. And you have to advocate your beliefs and become known for them.

So, my question is…

What do you stand for?

What are the core philosophical beliefs that should become part of your personal brand?

When building a personal brand, your message is also very personal. It’s all about your thoughts and belief patterns.

And once you understand those beliefs, I want you to take a stand and say something like this:

“These are the four or five things that I absolutely stand for. I will die advocating them and I want to be known for them. I want to pull those beliefs through every brand message, every media interview, every product I develop, and every service I create.

And every time I interact with a client, or my team interacts with a client, I want the beliefs to permeate the experience.”

Yes, this sounds like a true luxury business Manifesto. And in many ways, it is.

Your beliefs and the belief systems that you hold meld into one with the way your business operates. So, it’s crucial that you understand what those beliefs are and how you can clearly articulate them.

Why is this so important?

As you’re innovating, creating, and moving things forward, your beliefs may shift. And that’s okay. But you need to be able to explain the shift and why you hold those beliefs as part of your brand.

Remember, you’re the Pied Piper…

The legend…

The innovator…

And that position requires you to be able to clearly voice your beliefs and lead by the message you’re sending out to the audience.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to teach the concepts. The people behind you will do that for you.

But you need to be confident in the concepts and the beliefs that drive your brand forward.

After all, there’s a much bigger picture here because there’s a legacy to be had. And in creating the disruptive legacy, you’re going to create some uncomfortable situations.

Now, let me tell you a secret…

Creating uncomfortable situations is perfectly fine.

Those who feel uncomfortable aren’t your people, I assure you. You don’t have to worry about those who don’t believe in what you stand for.

You’re not aiming for volume with your luxury brand.

On the contrary, you’re interested in the select few who can become your advocates and evangelize your belief systems.

Become the Brand

How do you unlock the potential to build an extraordinary luxury brand?

First, you find the time to focus on your creativity and innovation. You strive to become the artist who keeps pushing the boundaries at a pace that’s hard for everybody else to follow.

But you aren’t innovating and introducing new thought processes just for the sake of it.

You’re doing it to promote the unique belief systems that make you the trendsetter you aspire to become.

And yes, you’ll encounter friction from some people. However, the resistance shouldn’t bother you.

Your brand isn’t there to please everybody and attract the masses.

Remember, your target is the few who get the message and understand the value you’re bringing to the table.

These people will become your best advocates.

Ultimately, they’ll also turn into your evangelists and spread the legacy to others.

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