Uncertainty is the enemy to success. Discover how to attract your dream elite clients and know for sure how to give them EXACTLY what they need.

Who Are Your Elite Buyers (And What’s The One Thing You Need to Do For Them)?

Uncertainty is one of the main enemies of those who want to build a premium brand. But don’t worry, you’re not in it alone.

One of the main concerns that most of my clients have is how to find the right clients.

And since you wish to enter the premium space, those can’t be just any clients. You need to target the elite buyers who are ready for equally elite products and services.

Now, the key thing here is that you can’t do that if you’re stuck in the mainstream mindset.

Generally, that mindset means you have the feeling and need to appeal to the masses.

But with a premium brand, you’re actually targeting the 1% of the 1%. So, you need to really limit the field in terms of who you appeal to.

Also, you need to understand how to create your offering and approach the handful of clients you’d like to work with. And you do that by expanding the vision of what’s possible for your clients.

But this is just a simplified version of what’s going on.
The following sections will give you the details on how to identify your buyers.

Focus on the Elite

You already know that premium and ultra-premium business models focus on the elite. So does the luxury model.

So, must there be a difference in pricing?


Premium and ultra-premium businesses can be just as expensive as luxury businesses.

What do I mean by that?

Just because you’re luxury and paradigm-creating, rather than paradigm-shifting like in the premium model, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be selling at higher prices.

The key difference between the buyers is the utilitarian concept.

In the premium and ultra-premium, it’s about the transformation, the value, and all the bits and pieces that go into that.

But in the luxury space, it’s very different. It’s about innovation, trendsetting, and buying into a concept and the artistry of it.

Of course, it’s also about the legend and the myth that people buy into at the luxury end. This is why it’s very hard to make a luxury brand work.

So, how does it work in the premium or ultra-premium model?

When thinking about your ideal clients, you start to envision who is at the highest end of your market. Who’s in the top 1% and who’s in the top 1% of that 1%.

You visualize them, research them, and understand what their deepest desires are. It’s because you want to know where they’re hanging out and what they’re looking for.

Also, you need to gauge their motivations, the values that they really hold dear, and what transformation they’re looking for.

And then, you use all that information to expand their vision.

What that means is that you don’t necessarily have them invest at a lower level than a luxury buyer. You’re still giving your clients an exquisite outcome and service. And you’re still creating white-glove experiences for premium and ultra-premium clients.

It’s just that they’re looking for transformation. And that’s the key to what you’re providing to them.

The clients are coming to you because they want to achieve a specific outcome. And you’re the best in the world at giving them the transformation that they need. Therefore, the clients are purchasing from you.

As far as the price point and target market are concerned, they still can be in the 1%. Or it can still be the top 5 or 2% in any sort of market or niche.

If you think about the offer and the transformation you’re providing, it’s at the highest end of the market and people will invest in that if the desire is big enough.

The important thing is that your authority runs deep enough.

So, don’t be concerned that just because you’re at the center of the market at the ultra-premium or premium end, you can’t charge as much as the luxury or that you can’t attract the top 1% of buyers.

To that end, I would love for you to think about who your ideal client is.

Who would you love to serve?

I want you to really go through the motions of deeply understanding them, researching them…

What are they reading?

What are they ingesting?

What are they investing in?

These are the questions that help you position yourself really well.

You position yourself against everyone else in the market by deeply understanding your ideal client and what they really want.

You’re painting an extended vision of what they can achieve. And then, you show them that you’re willing to go there with them.

Focusing on the elite is all about that.

The price becomes no object if someone wants to get the thing they value highly. To them, a million dollars is just a small fry. It’s just a small change.

And they will invest with you.

They really will.

Expand Their Vision

A client comes to you and says:

“This is the vision that I hold for myself. This is what I want to be. And I’ve got this dream that I have for myself…”

So, what is the difference between the mainstream and the premium or ultra-premium response?

If we’re just talking about a coach, consultant, or speaker, the difference between a mainstream person and one who’s at the premium or ultra-premium level is the ability to expand the vision for the client.

Mainstream marketing will say to you:

“Someone comes with a big dream, dig into their pain point and find that bleeding neck problem.”

It becomes all about the pain point.

Yes, the client has this big dream, but you can’t get into it until you get rid of the pain point.

But this “get rid of your pain point first” is horrible marketing.

I really don’t buy into the concept even though it works really well at the low end of the market. I don’t teach this concept, nor am I interested in participating in it.

Someone who sells at the premium or ultra-premium end of the market can acknowledge the pain. More importantly, that someone will dig into the clients’ dreams and deepest desires.

Therefore, you’re going to listen to and understand the clients and then expand the vision of who they can be.


Because you’re the person holding the vision for your clients. You are painting that picture for them.

The vision that you hold for them, plus the fact that you have the key to get them to that vision, will make your clients buy into and invest in your capabilities.

Attracting the Elites

Remember, you’re targeting the 1% of the 1%. These people are special and largely impervious to mainstream marketing.

That said, it’s not like they’re sitting in the high castle, zoned out from everybody. These people are ready to take your offer only if you understand how to present it the right way.

So, whenever someone says pain point, dig into the pain, and find the bleeding neck problem, that is the mainstream model. And that’s not the approach you want to be taking.

You’re at the premium or ultra-premium end of the market. Everything that you do needs to expand the vision of your customers and paint a bigger picture of their deepest desire than they ever imagined possible.

That’s what makes your offer, business, and brand premium. That’s what makes you ultra-premium.

Ultimately, that’s what makes you worth the investment.

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