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How It Works

This year-long program incorporates expert consultant and strategist Kathryn Porritt’s proven strategies that leverage luxury marketing principles. It’s unlike anything else out there because it throws out the standard, MBA-style marketing and branding advice. Instead, we focus entirely on what makes proven luxury brands work and how you can use those same principles to up-level your business.

This revolutionary strategy amplifies your expertise, so you can stop wasting energy on mid-level clients and get back to the creative, inspiring work you love. It gives you the freedom, flexibility and confidence to build the business you truly desire!

Why it's Different

Instead of encouraging you to churn out lots of low- or medium-priced offers that turn your passion into drudgery, Laws of Luxury insists you embrace your position as a leader, a pioneer, a disruptor who isn’t afraid to make waves.

When you do, you can serve a handful of clients deeply and personally. All while generating more revenue than you ever thought possible. This program gives you everything you need to shift your mindset and model to explore the exciting, lucrative opportunities available to entrepreneurs like you who can serve the luxury market.

Our Clientele

Participants in this program charge BRAVE prices, they create IMPACTFUL transformations and they DISRUPT niches. They’re the mavericks. The believers. The movers and the shakers. The ones who will change the world.

If you’ve achieved success but you want MORE for your personal brand and business and know you’re destined for greatness, the Laws of Luxury offerings will be the impetus you need for visionary outcomes.

What to Expect

When you join Laws of Luxury, you immediately get access to a library of 10 detailed trainings dives deep into the Laws of Luxury and how you can use them to transform your business. They relay the foundational principles of luxury businesses and provide case studies and examples, so you can see exactly how these concepts work in the real world. You’ll also get:

  • Monthly hotseats with Kathryn Porritt where we dig deep into your business
  • Quarterly panel workshops with luxury experts
  • Weekly mindset coaching with one of the world’s leading experts in human potential and applied neurophysiology.
  • Weekly office hours with the Business Bravery team
  • Access to our panel of luxury experts via panels and workshops, as well as VIP access to their own programs/ services.

Elite Experts:

Please Heed This Advice

It’s time for you to redefine your influence and commercialize your expertise at the highest level for maximum impact. If you are only leveraging one revenue stream right now, you’re leaving money on the table.

Our sophisticated strategy for elite experts will have you monetizing your expertise to create multiple income streams, including:

  • Consultancy projects
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Board and advisory positions
  • Private coaching retainers
  • Product development
  • Retreats and virtual intensives
  • Brand collaborations
  • and so many more…

All in the Ultra-Premium and Luxury Offer range.

Maximum impact.

Maximum profit.

Maximum performance for elite experts.

Redefining Influence for Brands and Elite Experts

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