The Ultimate Global Amplification For Elite Experts

How It Works

The Luxury Influencers PR team is staffed by highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists eager to work with you as you transition from ‘expert’ to ‘luxury influencer.’ We do this by obtaining enviable media coverage and exclusive speaking opportunities from around the world to skyrocket you to the very top of your niche. Our approach delivers sensational results, attracting elite audiences and positioning you as the leading authority in your field.

We use an exclusive microtargeting strategy to expand your reach globally, targeting premium publications and prestigious global events specific to your niche. This enables you to build a truly meaningful connection with your new audience. Securing coverage in these publications and landing speaking engagements at these global events will have a tremendous impact on your personal brand, attracting lucrative commercial opportunities for your personal brand business.

Why it's Different

Targeting niche-specific premier media and speaking opportunities around the world has proven to be far more effective in elevating the profile of our elite experts than adopting a mainstream approach. With our exclusive microtargeting strategy, you will become highly recognisable and well-established as the leading authority in your niche in record time.

Landing prominent features in highly influential niche publications and speaking engagements at the most exclusive events globally will change your life. Elite experts who have achieved this level of prominence through our exclusive microtargeting strategy are amazed by how quickly their personal brands are elevated and expanded. Our clients consistently secure lucrative commercial opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations.

Our Clientele

Luxury Influencers represents some of the most elite experts, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and CEOs from around the globe. We provide unrivaled representation for our clients, securing media coverage that’s both broad and deep, and organising high-profile speaking engagements and keynotes. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable PR specialists is focused on impact and visibility, positioning you to be seen by the people who matter most.

The experts we represent have appeared in the world’s most prestigious publications and spoken on some of the world’s biggest stages. They’re the authorities that media outlets turn to when they need engaging expert opinions … the electrifying speakers that event organisers demand for their global conferences.

What to Expect

Our seasoned specialists will carefully craft your messaging so that it resonates with your dream audience, building an incredible connection. Our team knows exactly how to convince your followers that you’re the only one who truly understands them. Then, we establish your media presence, putting you front and centre where you can capture the hearts and minds of your ideal audience.

Since our exclusive microtargeting strategy positions you as the leading authority in your niche, our team can quickly book exclusive speaking engagements and highly lucrative commercial opportunities for you. Before you know it, you’ll be leveraging your influence to commercialise your expertise AND offer ultra-premium packages to your dream clients.

Elite Experts:

Please Heed This Advice

It’s time for you to redefine your influence and commercialize your expertise at the highest level for maximum impact. If you are only leveraging one revenue stream right now, you’re leaving money on the table.

Our sophisticated strategy for elite experts will have you monetizing your expertise to create multiple income streams, including:

  • Consultancy projects
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Board and advisory positions
  • Private coaching retainers
  • Product development
  • Retreats and virtual intensives
  • Brand collaborations
  • and so many more…

All in the Ultra-Premium and Luxury Offer range.

Maximum impact.

Maximum profit.

Maximum performance for elite experts.

Redefining Influence for Brands and Elite Experts

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