Discover how being selective lifts your brand out of the mass market so you can offer your exquisite brand and unique services to your dream clients.

The Gating Concept (And How it Builds Into Creating a Luxury Brand)

As the icon behind a luxury brand, you shouldn’t be accessible to everybody. And neither should your brand. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Gating boils down to creating exclusivity within your brand so only a select few can engage with it.

In other words, you’re safeguarding the brand from the mass market and only opening your doors to the people you really want to work with.

Now, this exclusive gate isn’t just about keeping a tightly-knit circle within the brand. It’s also about creating something at the very highest level that allows you to provide an equally rare and exclusive service.

If you’re not gated away from everything else, creating at the very highest level is next to impossible.


You need to be able to tap into the magic that makes your brand the luxury brand that it is…

And that’s not something you can do when trying to please everybody.

But gating actually exists in many different areas of business, so it pays to take a close look at one of them.

Gating in the Mainstream

Think about an airline.

You have the cattle class or economy, premium economy, and first-class.

The economy class is mainstream. Within that space, you’ll have the premium economy. But it’s still mainstream premium.

Then, you have the first-class with very few seats.

But for a lot of those airlines that run first-class, they have the chairman’s airline seats at the very highest level. The service there is much different than mainstream premium or even the rest of the first-class.

If you have that seat, you don’t go through the standard business class processes and service. More importantly, you don’t go through the standard gates with everybody else.

Where do you go then?

Possibly, you’re collected or chauffeured to a private suite where you sit down and have full concierge service.

Literally, you have white glove services, Michelin star meals made only for you, and the very best bottle of wine your palate adores.

You’d be there in your very private area where you don’t have to meet anyone. And you can bypass a lot of the things that those in cattle, economy, or business class need to worry about.

As you go through the gates, you’re taken through security with white glove services. The same thing happens when you land at your destination.

That level of exclusivity gives you complete privacy. The way that the service manifests for you is very rare and beautifully exquisite.

With that sort of model, it should be easy to see what we’re talking about with gating, exclusivity, and rarity.

Three Ideas for Creating Your Luxury Brand

The gating model works okay for an airline. And the same model is also applicable to a car company or a fashion brand.

But what about your personal brand?

To give you the answer, I’d like to show you some examples of how we’ve done it with our clients in the past.

But you should know that it really depends on which model you want and where you want to go with your personal brand.

Idea #1 - Hold Exclusive Events

A lot of my clients love speaking.

They really enjoy getting up on a stage and showcasing their talent. But when my clients talk to an audience, they bring the audience along the journey using their unique message.

As a speaker, you might want to get your message to broader audiences. And there’s a model for that – you get on larger stages and reach many hearts and minds.

That’s perfectly fine.

But we’re talking about a completely different thing here.

You want to be gated off, ultra-premium, and hard to access. And that’s not something you achieve by talking to large audiences.

So, how do we create exclusivity and rarity if you’re a speaker?

The model that’s worked incredibly well for our clients is the idea of having an exclusive event.

You create a club-like environment where you hand-select and invite people who are your absolute ideal clients. It could be a one-off event or an ongoing series of think tanks.

Also, you can create a real masterminding event, but that idea merits its own section.

Idea #2 - Create a Real Mastermind

This isn’t the watered-down version that a lot of people are selling at the moment. Here, I’m talking about the proper masterminding.

If you are to create a genuine exclusive mastermind event, you can’t invite more than five people. Of course, it could be one-on-one as well.

Picture this…

Dinner with hand-picked people in a very exclusive location, and a beautifully-produced event just for them.

But you can also do all that just for one person. In doing so, you get to really sell your message and talk deeply about the transformation your clients will be getting.

Effectively, you’re providing an exclusive, luxury, white-glove service to the lucky few who got the chance to participate.

If you’re a speaker, that level of service is something you can now create virtually. You can’t be there in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host an ultra-premium event in the virtual world.

Just be creative and take your time to emulate that sense of unique experience your select clients will cherish.

Idea #3 - Go Deep With Select Clients

If you happen to be interested in consulting or coaching, then it’s quite easy to set up your model at this very highest end of the market.

As an example, I’ll use my model because it’s an excellent one for you to learn from.

I only work with a handful of clients. When I say a handful, I have just four or five clients at any given time.

And these are all private clients.

I give them such a deep level of service that I get to intimately understand their business. So much so that I represent them at the highest possible level, which means I can’t take on any more than that.

Plus, I’m not interested in being intimately involved in more businesses than that.


I literally hand-picked those people as my absolute ideal clients. I love them dearly and came to understand their business at a partner level.

We share ideas and feelings as peers within a safe environment. This gives me the capacity to take the concepts they give me and expand the vision for them.

In a nutshell, this is what gating truly is.

Gates Built of Colored Diamonds and Unobtanium

At the end of the day – what is gating?

It’s creating exclusive circumstances, events, and opportunities only the select few can access.

Then, once they get access, you take them to the next level by providing truly transformative services and experiences. Of course, exactly what you do and how you do it may differ.

But one thing is certain…

Gating is the only model that brings you to the highest end of the market. And it allows you to only work with clients you like.

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