Find out how to move from premium to an ultra-premium by focusing on creating extraordinary transformations, for you, for your business and for your clients.​

You Are the Best in the World (And Why You Need to Focus on Transformation in the Premium Space)

There’s nothing wrong with operating in a mainstream business model. But is that really what you want for your company?

Knowing that you’re offering a top-notch product or service while still stuck in a mainstream business model can be frustrating.

But I don’t want you to despair and feel like you’re missing out.

Now is the best time to step up your game and enter the premium space. As the best at what you do, I know you can service clients at that level and keep attracting more.

So, how do you make the transition?

There are two critical elements you should be working on – your mindset and the premium offering.

That means you should switch from the mainstream mindset to the premium one. Then, understand what it is that you need to offer to the clients at the premium level.

To help you with the endeavor, I’ll explain two core concepts of the premium model and how you can apply them to your business.

You Are the Best in The World


Moving to an ultra-premium personal brand is at your fingertips. So, the very first thing I want you to focus on is the concept that you’re the best in the world.

After all, you are.

When you know you’re the best, you will be shifting paradigms in your niche. That means you’re going to take an existing paradigm or concept and improve and expand on it.

In doing so, you’ll be positioning yourself as the number one in your niche.

But let me tell you more about this positioning concept.

In the sea of people that someone could choose, you’re the number one and the best in the world. Make sure to remember this fact because that’s what all your marketing, rhetoric, and branding need to reflect.

Now, I’d like to stress that the strategy is different from that of a luxury brand. Insofar as a luxury brand creates a paradigm, you’re shifting an existing paradigm.

So, what is shifting a paradigm all about?

For example, you could be a chiropractor and do what other chiropractors do, only that you do it exceptionally well. You’re going off in different directions and adding your flavor to the business.

That’s paradigm-shifting.

Also, that’s positioning yourself and the brand as number one within your niche.

But before you can do that, you need to look at the competition and the business landscape. Look at it from all angles to have a better idea of the competitive space.

Then, look inwards. But don’t worry that anyone might find you arrogant, narcissistic, or too full of yourself.

Within the premium space, you’re in a safe place to celebrate your talents and gifts. This is the place where you really harness those gifts to create a premium or ultra-premium brand.

To stress, you must be confident in being the best in the world. You need to clearly articulate the fact and get good at presenting your qualities whenever and wherever.

If you’re introduced on a stage, right after the host says your name, the next sentence they utter should be:

“This person is the best in the world at XYZ…”

For me, I’m absolutely the best in the world at luxury models, premium models, and personal brands. The latter applies to both luxury and premium business models.

I believe that there’s no one else in the world better than me within the given space.

And now, what is it that you’re the best at?

How confident are you in your qualities and talents?

I want you to be able to shout it out to the world without a speck of doubt in your mind.

Focus on Transformation and Outcomes

The ultra-premium business model relies on transformation.

This model relies on a utilitarian concept where the offering is high-quality, which leads to positive outcomes in the sales process.

Now, this may sound a tad philosophical, so let me use an example.

Take Mercedes; it’s a well-built and incredibly reliable car. Depending on the model, you’ll be driving a premium or an ultra-premium vehicle.

But then, let’s take a look at Maserati, which sits in the luxury end of the market. The car is quite uncomfortable, it’s handcrafted, and there’s only a very small set of them available in the world.

Then, if you inspect the advertising of these automakers, it’s easy to understand how premium vs. luxury spills over to that.

With Mercedes, the ads might show a price and mention the features and quality you’ll be getting. But Maserati focuses on emotive branding, expanding the client’s vision, and tapping into the inner-most desires of the target audience.

And here, it pays to view the advertising principles from a broader perspective.

Premium brands guarantee their clients will get a transformation and feel a certain way. The clients are getting all these reliable features and everything is going to look and feel fantastic.

But what does this mean to you?

When building a personal premium brand, you need to be able to implement those utilitarian marketing strategies into your business model.

And that’s not as hard as you might think.

For instance, if you’re a coach, a consultant, or an agency, the model is simple. Since you’re the best in the world, you create extraordinary transformations and you have full integrity.

More importantly, you have the power to deliver those transformations.

At the premium or ultra-premium level, people buy into the transformations, the outcomes, and the features that help them get those outcomes. These are the things you should be thinking about.

So, what do you do if you’re an author or a speaker and want to monetize at the high-end of the market?

I’m always of the opinion that you shouldn’t go out and speak or release a book until you’ve got all your conceptual foundation pieces nailed down. That said, I’m all for returns on investment and getting into imperfect action.

But I want you to take your time at the front end of the business to get the foundation pieces together.

Think about the greatest transformation you can get for your ideal client.

Once you know what that is, you can build your premium offer.

Venture Into the Premium

By now, you should be much closer to understanding that you’re indeed the best in the world.

The quality of what you’re offering sprinkles fairy dust onto your clients and transforms their lives forever.

Really, this is about creating value…

People are ready to pay $100K, $500K, or even $1 million if they feel the value you’re providing to them as a personal brand.

Also, they’re relying on the outcome that gives them exactly what they want.

But securing those outcomes is a topic that merits more discussion.

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